StarBIA MediTEK CO. LTD. - The Pioneer of body composition analysis technology in Taiwan

Through innovative and steady technical research to develop human body composition measurement technology. StarBIA provides faster, safer, more accurate and more convenient measurement technology for measurment requirements of health, sports, fitness, sarcopenia, children and patients' body composition.

StarBIA displayed its core technologies, bioelectrical impedance analysis, in human body composistion measurement, and develop high accuracy body composition measurement technologies and products for human body composition measurement. 

StarBIA conducts and publishes research with universities, research institutes and hospitals in the field of body composition technologies, including bioelectrical impedance analysis from simple whole-body single-frequency mode to professional multi-segmental, multi-frequency mode. At this stage, StarBIA’s bioelectrical impedance analysis products are under Class II medical device applications of the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and the EU Medical Device Directive (MDD).


興友科技 驗證資料

In order to develop and validate the accuracy of the device, StarBIA uses the existing medical statistics technology and combines artificial intelligence and deep learning in the performance of body composition measurement technology, and conducts validation through a large number of clinical trials. StarBIA has strogn research abillity and has submitted research paper to international medical journals.

Vision: Be the first class and leading service provider in body composition
Purpose: Create new devices and services that benefit for human health and meet the health and medical needs of diverse populations.
Core Values: Practical research, Honesty, Public wellness, and Innovation